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Minute 003: A Most Delicate Procedure
Diamonds are Forever,

Minute 003: A Most Delicate Procedure

January 10, 2018

Ernst Stavro Blofeld is consulting with a team of doctors about plastic surgery procedures. The nose is “the most difficult part of a plastic transformation,” says his surgeon, as Blofeld enters the room.

“I want the operation done tonight,” orders Blofeld.

“But Signore –” begins the surgeon.

“There’s no time left,” says Blofeld.

“But Signore Blofeld,” explains the surgeon, “This is a most delicate procedure. It cannot –”

“Tonight!” repeats Blofeld, leaving his surgeons behind him.

Later on, surgical technicians are packing a body with clay in a subterranean mud bath. They leave the body in the tub of mud. As they exit the mud bath chamber, one of the surgeons tells an incoming team, “Keep the bath at precisely eighty degrees.” The camera pans past an unconscious technician sprawled behind some bushes.

Meanwhile, in the mud bath chamber, James Bond doffs his surgical disguise. He scans the room, not noticing that the body in the mud bath has spotted his arrival. The man in the mud bath lifts a muddy pistol out of the tub, aimed at James Bond. At the last moment, Bond executes a cartwheel, and grabs a pull chain, dumping more mud on top of the would-be assassin.  The man in the mud tub sputters and moans as he’s drowned in the additional mud.



Sean Connery as James Bond
Charles Gray as Blofeld
David de Keyser as Doctor

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