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Minute 024: Oof
Diamonds are Forever,

Minute 024: Oof

March 26, 2018

Guest: Coyote Peterson of Brave Wilderness

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Bond and Peter Franks are fighting in the townhouse elevator.

Franks has a pistol, and Bond is trying to wrest the pistol away from Franks. Bond karate chops Franks’s hand several times, and Franks fires the gun at the floor. He finally drops the gun.

Bond continues to struggle with Franks. Franks gets the upper hand and leans Bond out the side of the elevator, face up. Bond sees that he’s headed for a certain decapitation by way of a cement crossbeam in the elevator shaft.

Bond looks over at the red STOP button on the control panel.  He winces, and then hits the STOP button with his shoe, canceling the decapitation. Surprised, Franks hesitates for a moment, giving Bond time to kick Franks and escape his grasp.

Bond starts delivering several body blows to Franks, in the process knocking into the control panel and restarting the elevator. Bond punches Franks to the floor, giving Franks the sudden opportunity to pick up a piece of sharp, jagged window glass from the broken elevator panes.

Tiffany steps out of her apartment to see the commotion in the elevator. She looks concerned as the elevator continues past the third floor.

Bond struggles with the glass-wielding Franks.  He grabs Franks’s arm that has the dagger-like piece and shoves the arm out of the elevator gate.  Bond rams the gate shut, knocking the glass shard out of Franks’s grip. He pounds twice on Franks’s forearm at the elbow.


Sean Connery as James Bond
Joe Robinson as Peter Franks

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