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Minute 013: Bitten by the Bug
Diamonds are Forever,

Minute 013: Bitten by the Bug

February 02, 2018


Kidd and Wint regard Tynan’s sprawled body.

“Curious,” says Mister Wint, “how everyone who touches those diamonds seems to die.” Mister Kidd nods his head.

A helicopter flies to the site, while Wint and Kidd bury Tynan’s body in a shallow grave.

As the helicopter lands, Wint and Kidd approach. The pilot produces a pistol. “Stop right there! Who are you?” asks the pilot.

“Doctor Tynan sent us,” replied Mister Wint.

“Why didn’t he come himself?” asks the pilot.

“He was taken sick,” explains Mister Kidd.

“Bitten by the bug,” says Mister Wint, “He sent this for you.” Wint hands the pilot a wooden box.

The pilot takes off, and the helicopter flies into the distance. Suddenly, the helicopter explodes in a ball of flame.

“If God had wanted man to fly…” begins Mister Kidd.

“… He would have given him wings, Mister Kidd,” finishes Mister Wint.

Mister Kidd picks up a duplicate box, with the diamonds inside.  The two walk off down the desert trail, holding hands.


Bruce Glover as Mister Wint

Putter Smith as Mister Kidd

Henry Rowland as Doctor Tynan

Ray Baker as the Helicopter Pilot

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