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Minute 012: Wisdom Teeth
Diamonds are Forever,

Minute 012: Wisdom Teeth

January 31, 2018

Dr. Tynan dismounts from his motorcycle. Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd approach. Dr. Tynan reaches for his gun, and asks, “Who are you, and where is Joe?”

“Joe couldn’t make it tonight,” says Mister Wint. “I’m Mister Wint, and this is Mister Kidd.”  Mr. Kidd produces a wooden box with a handle.

“Oh, I see,” says Tynan, leaving his gun in its holster. He opens the side of his motorcycle’s tail pipe, revealing a cloth wrapped package. Tynan places the package in Kidd’s box, then turns to walk away.

“Ow!” says Kidd, rubbing his jaw.

“What’s the matter with him?” asks Tynan.

“It’s my wisdom teeth,” replies Kidd, “I haven’t had them out yet.”

“Would you mind having a look, Doctor?” asks Mister Wint.

“Of course,” says Tynan. “I’m not going to hurt you,” says Tynan, tilting Kidd’s head back to get a better look. “Just open,” he says. “No, no – – open wide!”

As Tynan examines Kidd’s teeth, Wint slips the scorpion down the back of Tynan’s shirt. Tynan gives a single cry, then falls dead to the ground.

Kidd and Wint regard Tynan’s sprawled body.


Bruce Glover as Mister Wint

Putter Smith as Mister Kidd

Henry Rowland as Doctor Tynan

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