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Minute 020: I Don't Dress for the Hired Help
Diamonds are Forever,

Minute 020: I Don’t Dress for the Hired Help

March 12, 2018

Tiffany dusts Bond’s glass for fingerprints, then takes a Polaroid picture of the glass. She brushes off the fingerprint dust residue from the glass and drops a couple of ice cubes into the Scotch.

Meanwhile, Bond examines the contents of Tiffany Case’s dining room hutch. Case returns, wearing a sheer robe over her bra and panties.

“That’s a nice little nothing you’re wearing,” remarks Bond, as Tiffany hands him his Scotch. “I approve.”

“I don’t dress for the hired help,” replies Tiffany. “Let’s see your passport, Franks.”

Bond reaches into his jacket and retrieves his passport, made out as “Peter Franks.”

“Occupation: transport consultant?” smirks Tiffany as she reads his passport. “That’s a little cute, isn’t it?” She hands the passport back to Bond. “I’ll finish dressing,” she says.

“Oh, please don’t,” replies Bond, “Not on my account.”

Tiffany walks back to her dressing room, and peels the Polaroid print off the developer.
She opens her armoire, revealing an electronic viewscreen. Turning the machine on, an enlarged image of Peter Franks’s fingerprint appears on the screen. She inserts the Polaroid print into the machine, and Bond’s print appears on the right of the screen. Tiffany compares the two prints, nodding as she decides they’re identical.


Jill St. John as Tiffany Case
Sean Connery as James Bond

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