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Minute 018: Franks. Peter Franks.
Diamonds are Forever,

Minute 018: Franks. Peter Franks.

February 14, 2018

Wint and Kidd leave the Skinny Bridge, just as James Bond arrives one bridge over at a four-story townhouse in Peter Franks’ Triumph Stag sports car. Bond parks the car and heads up the three stone steps to the front door.

He presses the doorbell to Apartment 4, home to a “T.Case.”

“Yes?” says a female voice on the entrance intercom.

“Franks. Peter Franks,” replies Bond.

“Come up,” says the voice. “Third floor.” The door lock buzzes, and Bond steps inside.

On the third floor, Bond exits the elevator, and walks toward the open front door of Apartment Four.  He steps inside an apartment decorated with Dutch Masters prints.

“Make yourself at home,” says a blonde woman wearing panties and bra, her back to Bond, just exiting into the bedroom. “I’ll be right out.”

Bond scans the room.

“Help yourself to a drink!” calls the woman from the bedroom.

“Is uh-” begins Bond.


Jill St. John as T. Case
Sean Connery as James Bond
Bruce Glover as Mister Wint
Putter Smith as Mister Kidd

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