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Minute 014: The Letter U is for Umbrella
Diamonds are Forever,

Minute 014: The Letter U is for Umbrella

February 05, 2018

Mister Wint and Mister Kidd walk off, hand in hand.

“No security system is perfect,” says Sir Donald, “we’ve always expected a certain percentage of smuggling, but over the past two years, despite all our precautions, it’s gone up alarmingly.  Even more alarming is that none of the stones so far has reached the market.”

“Sir Donald thinks someone’s stockpiling them,” says M to Bond.

“What concerns us is the possibility of someone either dumping the stones on the market to depress prices, “says Sir Donald, “or -”

“–making you agree to perpetual blackmail,” finishes Bond.

“Exactly,” says Sir Donald. “What we need to know is who the stockpilers are.”

Back in South Africa, Mrs. Whistler is conducting a class. She traces letters in the air with her finger.

“The letter U is for Umbrella,” says Mrs. Whistler. “We take it, lest it rain. We hope we shan’t want it, ’til we’re home again.” Her assistant Jonathan steps into the lesson.

“Uh, two men to see you, Missy,” says Joshua.

“Gentlemen!” says Mrs Whistler, greeting Mr Wint and Mr Kidd. Mister Wint applies a spray cologne. “I shan’t be long children,” Mrs. Whistler says over her shoulder. “Joshua is going to read you a story.”

“How nice to see you again!” says Mrs. Whistler, entering her parlor. “Where to this time?”

“Amsterdam,” says Mister Kidd.

“Amsterdam!” says Mrs. Whistler. “Oh, how lovely!”


Bruce Glover as Mister Wint

Putter Smith as Mister Kidd

Laurence Naismith as Sir Donald

Sean Connery as James Bond

Bernard Lee as M

Margaret Lacey as Mrs Whistler

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