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Minute 009: The Akbar Shah
Diamonds are Forever,

Minute 009: The Akbar Shah

January 24, 2018

Bond and M are examining representations of famous large diamonds.

“Are you paying attention, Double Oh Seven?” asks M.

“The Akbar Shah,” replies Bond. “One hundred sixteen carats rough.” They walk along the hallway. “But surely, sir,” says Bond,”there’s no need to bring in our section on a relatively simple smuggling matter?”

“Sir Donald has convinced the PM otherwise,” replies M. “May I remind you, Double Oh Seven, that Blofeld’s dead – finished! The least we can expect from you now is some plain, solid work.”

Sir Donald’s aide opens the door. “Good morning, gentlemen. Sir Donald will see you now.”

They enter the conference room.

“Good morning, Sir Donald,” says M.

“Good morning,” replies Sir Donald.

“This is Commander Bond,” explains M.  Sir Donald shakes hands with Bond.

“Sherry?” offers Sir Donald.

“None for me, thanks. Doctor’s orders,” says M.

“Commander Bond?” asks Sir Donald.

“Yes, thank you,” says Bond.

“You’ve been on holiday, I understand,” says Sir Donald, pouring the sherry. “Relaxing, I hope.”

“Hardly relaxing,” says Bond, “but most satisfying.” Bond is handed the sherry. “Cheers,” he says.

Bond turns to M. “Pity about your liver, sir,” says Bond, “an unusually fine Solera. Fifty-one, I believe.”

“There is no year for sherries,” says M.


Sean Connery as James Bond
Bernard Lee as “M”
Laurence Naismith as Sir Donald

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