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Minute 017: The Skinny Bridge
Diamonds are Forever,

Minute 017: The Skinny Bridge

February 12, 2018

The SeaSpeed hovercraft The Princess Margaret leaves its port in Dover.

Meanwhile, along the River Amster, the tourist ship Prins Willem-Alexander is in the middle of a sightseeing cruise.

“Ahead is one of the oldest bridges in Amsterdam: The Skinny Bridge,” says the tour guide. “It was built over three hundred years ago by two sisters who wanted to visit each other every day. Unfortunately, they ran out of money, so that it why it is called the Skinny Bridge.

After passing under the middle of the Skinny Bridge, the tour guide continues.

“On your right,” says the tour guide, “those beautiful old houses can be see in the paintings of our famous painter, Rembrandt.  And now, ladies and gentlemen, if you would look to your left, as we go down the Amster, you can see… Ohh!”

Amsterdam police are fishing a body out of the water. As they flip her onto the boat desk, the body turns out to be that of Mrs. Whistler.

A Nikon F series camera clicks. From a nearby bridge, Mister Kidd takes pictures of the police recovery operation. Next to him is Mister Wint.

“Mrs. Whistler did want some pictures of the canals for the children,” says Mister Kidd.

“How kind of you, Mister Kidd,” says Mister Wint. “The children will be so thrilled.”


Margaret Lacey as Mrs. Whistler
Bruce Glover as Mister Wint
Putter Smith as Mister Kidd

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