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Minute 005: Welcome to Hell, Blofeld
Diamonds are Forever,

Minute 005: Welcome to Hell, Blofeld

January 15, 2018

James Bond raises his hands as one of Blofeld’s guards begins to frisk him.  The guard reaches into Bond’s jacket pocket, only to withdraw his bloody hand in agony. Bond had a pocket bear trap in his jacket.

Bond shoves the bleeding guard into the other guard, and both henchmen tumble down a short flight of stairs.

“Kill him!” shouts Blofeld. Bond grabs a handful of surgical scalpels from a nearby tray, and tosses them at the only remaining guard. The guard falls over with several scalpels stuck into him.

Blofeld lunges at Bond with a knife across a gurney, but Bond grabs Blofeld’s arm and slams him in the head with an overhead surgical lamp. Bond quickly straps Blofeld to the gurney, then turns the gurney around to plunge Blofeld head-first into the boiling mud pit.

As Blofeld sinks into the bubbling mud, Bond, turns a lever all the way up on the Mud Temperature control.

“Welcome to Hell, Blofeld,” says Bond. He hears a cat moan. It’s Blofeld’s white cat, wearing a diamond-studded collar.  The camera moves in toward the cat’s left eye, which freezes before turning into a matte of the opening credits. The theme music begins to play…


Sean Connery as James Bond
Charles Gray as Ernst Stavro Blofeld
George Cooper as Guard 1
Terry Mountain as Guard 2


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