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Minute 023: Who is Your Floor?
Diamonds are Forever,

Minute 023: Who is Your Floor?

March 19, 2018

Guest: Anders Frejdh of
“From Sweden With Love”

Click here to visit the From Sweden With Love Website.

Bond follows Peter Franks into the townhouse.

“You are English?” asks Bond, with a Dutch accent.

“Yes, I’m English,” replies Franks.

“I speak English!” says Bond, enthusiastically.  Bond closes the gate of the tiny elevator, and shuts the wooden swinging door.  “Who is your floor?” Bond asks Franks.

“Three, please,” replies Franks. Bond presses the elevator button for three, then prepares to attack Franks from behind. Franks glances behind him at Bond, and Bond smiles and looks at his watch. As Franks turns back again to face forward, Bond prepares to give Franks a blow to the head, but unfortunately breaks an elevator window with his elbow in the confined space. This alerts Franks to the oncoming attack, allowing Franks to block the first blow.  Bond manages to land a right hook to Franks’s face, but can’t back up enough to block Franks’s counterpunches. Franks grabs Bond from behind, breaking more glass. Bond breaks out of Franks’s grip, and manages to land another blow to the face. Franks shoves Bond to the back of the elevator, breaking the back glass. Bond pushes Franks toward the floor of the elevator, and applies a karate chop to Franks’s back. Bond then shoves Franks into the right wall of the elevator, breaking another pane of glass.

Bond steadies Franks, and then hammers Franks in the face with another blow. Franks leans back, and grabs Bond by the lapels.  He then crosses his wrists across Bond’s neck, attempting to choke Bond. Bond responds by giving Franks two simultaneous chops to the kidneys. He shoves Franks against the STOP button, pausing the elevator ride.

Franks pulls out a pistol and attempts to shoot Bond.  Bond grabs his arm, bumping into the STOP button and restarting the elevator. Bond struggles to wrest the gun out of Franks’s hand.  Franks falls against the control panel, again stopping the ascent.


Sean Connery as James Bond
Joe Robinson as Peter Franks

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