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Minute 015: Thus Endeth the Lesson
Diamonds are Forever,

Minute 015: Thus Endeth the Lesson

February 07, 2018

Mrs. Whistler finds out about her next smuggling trip: Amsterdam.

“I shall have to bring back some pictures of the canals,” says Mrs. Whistler, “for the children!” She picks up a large Bible, and opens the front of the book, revealing a cut-out center.

“Ask, and ye shall receive, Mrs. Whistler,” says Mister Wint, depositing a bag of diamonds into the hollowed-out core.

“Thus endeth the lesson for today, gentlemen,” says Mrs. Whistler, closing the book cover.

“Several recent murders in South Africa have complicated matters,” says M to Bond, back in Sir Donald’s office. “If they shut down operations before we discover them – ”

“– it would be catastrophic for us,” finishes Sir Donald, “and for the government.”

“Well,” replies Bond, “I’ve always rather fancied a trip to South Africa.”

“You’re going to Holland,” says M. Bond looks at him.

“For some time now,” says M, “we’ve had our eyes on a professional smuggler called Peter Franks. He’s due to leave for Amsterdam.”

“Do we know who his contacts are?” asks Bond.

“We do function in your absence, Commander,” replies M, sternly.  M glances at Sir Donald, and then looks up to heaven.

In Dover, Peter Franks pulls up to the gate of the British Customs office in his Triumph Stag.

“Your passport, sir,” says the Customs official. Franks hands over his passport.

“Ah, Mister Franks,” says the other Customs official. “There’s a message for you at Passport Control. That door over there. You can park your car outside.”

“Thank you,” says Peter Franks. He drives to the other building.


Bruce Glover as Mister Wint

Putter Smith as Mister Kidd

Laurence Naismith as Sir Donald

Sean Connery as James Bond

Bernard Lee as M

Margaret Lacey as Mrs Whistler

Joe Robinson as Peter Franks

Clifford Earl as Customs Official #1

Unknown as Customs Official #2

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